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Hot Lahori Girls Sexy Images

Iram and Mehwish are Pakibachiyan.blogspot.com readers from Lahore. They love Punjabi music and spicy foods. Both are working in reputable companies, after their jobs they can be often found in Food Street. Lahore is Pakistan’s true food centre. Lahorites have access not only to a large number of Pakistani dishes and Punjabi specialities, it has fast food restaurants, Western dishes, steak houses, pizzas, Japanese, Chinese, Lebanese, Afghani, Thai cooking and even Indian ‘Thali’ and ‘Dossas.’

Sexy Saba is an historian from Westminster

Saba is an ex pat from UK, these photos were taken on her visit to Westminster Abbey. The Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster, which is almost always referred to popularly and informally as Westminster Abbey, is a large, mainly Gothic church, in Westminster, London, just to the west of the Palace of Westminster.
Westminster Abbey is a top tourist destination in Europe. Saba visited Westminster Abbey with her hubby. Saba is an historian and Westminster Abbey is all about history.
According to a tradition first reported by Sulcard in about 1080, the Abbey was first founded in the time of Mellitus (d. 624), Bishop of London. The abbey’s two western towers were built between 1722 and 1745 by Nicholas Hawksmoor, constructed from Portland stone to an early example of a Gothic Revival design. Further rebuilding and restoration occurred in the 19th century under Sir George Gilbert Scott. A narthex for the west front was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens in the mid C20 but was not executed.

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Who Are more Sexy Pakistani or Indian

his is the discourse i hit to communicate to every of you. Who is the most sexiest. Can anyone answer. It is the fuck and fondness that grouping hit in their nous towards actress or celebrities from india or Pakistan. May be Pakis are amongst the sexiest females ever dropped in this world. Many girls hit today started act the Hesperian clothes. They hit denaturized to dripless run jeans to baritone revilement tops and they are disclosing their example same never before. The tralatitious clothing for them is Shalwar or pants Kameez. Let us wager whatever past accumulation also, the ancient Mughal ladies utilised to wore clothes to completely counterbalance their whole embody titled burqas. This is an unanswerable discourse and the success is for Natural Beauty ease cured by them.

Who Are more Sexy Pakistani or Indian

his is the discourse i hit to communicate to every of you. Who is the most sexiest. Can anyone answer. It is the fuck and fondness that grouping hit in their nous towards actress or celebrities from india or Pakistan. May be Pakis are amongst the sexiest females ever dropped in this world. Many girls hit today started act the Hesperian clothes. They hit denaturized to dripless run jeans to baritone revilement tops and they are disclosing their example same never before. The tralatitious clothing for them is Shalwar or pants Kameez. Let us wager whatever past accumulation also, the ancient Mughal ladies utilised to wore clothes to completely counterbalance their whole embody titled burqas. This is an unanswerable discourse and the success is for Natural Beauty ease cured by them.

Pakistani Girl Aaeesha Picture From Lodhran

Pakistani Girl Aaeesha From Lodhran Punjab Pink is thoughtful to be the colouration for girls. A revilement woman clad up in Indian call outfits grinning for the snapshot. She is act an foppish embroidered shirt with patyala. She is retentive a bejeweled paranda in her hand. Paranda is ordinarily worn

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Beautiful Pakistani Girls

Here you will find the latest Designs of Pakistani Shalwar Kameez, Pakistani Bridal Dresses, Indian Saari, Sharara, Lehenga choli, choli sharara, or if you are looking for women clothing, evening wear, party wear, bridal wear, formal wear, casual dresses, evening dresses, party dresses, salwar kameez, kurtis, pakistani embroidered kurtis then GirlzFashion is the best place for you especially for the indian girls and pakistani girls.

Beautiful Pakistani Girls

Beautiful Pakistani Girls

Beautiful Pakistani Girls

Beautiful Pakistani Girls

beautiful girl

Pakistani local sexy school girls image

Beautiful girl in yellow.

Lady in Red

Here we have a beautiful picture of a Pakistani girl in red shalwar kameez. With clear skin, dyed hair and a sexy pout, this girl is looking good. Notice the red bangles matching with her dress. Her earring or “jhumka” is also studded with matching crimson gems. A very traditional Pakistani look in a beautiful girl!

This girl gives a distinctly South Punjabi or Seraiki look. She may even be Sindhi. The deep shade of her lipstick also alludes to her relatively dark skin complexion.

Beautiful Indian Salwar Kameez Girls Pictures Gallery

Here is collection of Beautiful Indian Salwar Kameez Girls Pictures. These all pictures are collected from Internet for DesiGirlsClub readers.

Rameen Wants to Say Little About Friendship

Rameen Jah belongs to Jordan. Rameen is university student. She has sent her photo through our contact form. Rameen wants to tell a little about friendship. She writes in her email that everything is truly sad and desolate without friends. Being friendless is not a good way to live a meaningful and healthy life yet some people continue to isolate themselves from the company of camaraderie. Though I have always been appreciative of my friends, I cannot forget the time when they literally and figuratively made my life beautiful. Days and events are important during friendship. It is vital for us to remember the important days in our friend’s life. Friendship is also about trust. One is able to open up freely to the person who is your friend because you know you will not be judged. It is fine to express your inhibitions and also seek the advice of your friend but at the same time friendship is also respecting the other person’s predicament.

In the end Remeen says that you can test your friends during critical circumstances. When you are down and out the best friend is still next to you. He or she gives you the biggest support with kind words and assures you that life is truly a great gift. A good friend is a rare gem and we need to polish this bond with the goodness of friendship. Well Rameen your thoughts about friendship are really admirable. Please keep continue your contribution.

Tamil Girls Pics Padma Priya

Tamil girl Padma Priya is from Chennai, Tamilnadu. She is doing her third-year undergraduation course in B.A. Economics. Padma Priya’s native place is a small village in Trichy next to Manaparai. She has come a long way from her home-town to Chennai for studies and staying in Women’s hostel in Vadapalani. Her aim is to do M.A. Economics in Madras University or Annamalai University. More than Chennai, She likes her home-town manaparai and her favourite spot is Ponnaniyar Dam, which was built recently across the two Kadavur Basin Hills. Padma likes the place because you can enjoy nature there as it will be very cool and the climate will be always cloudy with the freezing wind from the reservoir. It will give a hill-station feeling for anyone who visits that place.
At present her friends are helping her in Chennai and also Padma Priya is doing some part-time jobs and work-at-home jobs for her expenditure. This beautiful tamil girl Padma priya in blue and red chudihar with long hair style, has sent us her pics for making as many as good friends to speak and share her thoughts.

Arab Girls Pics Rashida and Hasna

Hi to all members of PakiCuteGirls, we are from Abu Dhabi which is crowned as the Best Arab City and studying in arabian city school. My name is Rashida and my best friend Hasna. I am very simple, and broad minded girl. I believe in truth and believe to make a successful relation one should be faithful, friendly, caring. I’m looking for a partner who will be my best friend and protects me and take care of me for the life time. I’am looking for a soul mate who can understand me as a person, respects me as a woman, Loves me, Cares for love and and be committed. I need a good and mature person who believes in love and value, trust and respect. If any one interested and would like to know me i will tell u later.

Fabiha Bangladeshi Girl Student

Fabiha is a bangladeshi girl student from Turkey. Fabiha is very modern, fashionable in dressing. Though she is from bangladesh, she is now settled in Turkey, which is bordered by the eight countries, to the west – greece, to the north east – armenia, georgia, azerbaijan – the exclave of Nakhichevan, to the north west – bulgaria, to the east – iran, iraq, to the south east – syria. Fabiha say’s her family has three members, a broadminded family and loving & caring. Fabiha’s father is a member of the local government and a social worker. She wants to be one of the member of Paki Cute Girls, so that she too can make some very good friends in this online community.

Delhi Girl Lathika

Cute delhi girl lathika sends her pic for making friends online through indian girls club. Lathika says that she is proud to be an Indian and love her country very much. She made about teddy’s and as her birthday gift she expects a cute little teddy. On one of her birthdays she was surprised by her friend presenting her a huge teddy which she couldn’t even carry it. Her favourite color is pink. She chat’s often online.

Noreen in a Pakistani Wedding Having Mehndi

Noreen is a pakistani girl says that the above pic is from her brother’s wedding. Noreen is a cute girl and charming too. She likes to listen to music. Noreen explains about mehndi, which is a must in Indian and pakistani marriage ceremonies. Even in these modern days mehndi has its own place in the occassion of indian and pakistani wedding. Her mother has said that on their days, they had mehndi parties. On the occasion of mehndi parties, all women and girls, relatives and friends will gather and the bride will dance to the music and they play dholak. But now a days it seems to be perished. Mehndi is also known as Henna, which is applied to the bride’s hand and feet for decoration. Nowadays, Girls write their partner or lover’s name on their hand using Mehndi. Noreen too like mehndi very much.

Online MBA Economics Student Alhena From Ramallah

Friends this picture is of Alhena Mehmood. Alhena belongs to Ramallah, Palestine. Alhena is doing online MBA Economics. She writes in her email that she is too much worry about the low economy of Palestine. She tells that because of the war between Israel and Palestine, investors and capitalists from other nations hesitate to put big investments and open numerous business establishments in Palestine. Moreover, the threatening relations of Palestine with Israel also affect the tourism sector of the nation. Because of this, a large proportion of travelers from various countries also have second thoughts visiting the nation. Assessing economics in Palestine is hard since it requires analysis of past events that cause enormous changes in the country.
She more tells that for those who have interest and passion for understanding the underlying factors that influence economics in Palestine, it is best that they focus on exploring the social issues surrounding the war between Palestine and Israel. Moreover, it is also necessary that they consider the impact of the rights that Jews and Palestinians hold to a legitimate settlement in Palestine since these also affect the present economic state of the country. In the end Alhena wishes that soon there will be a positive change in her beloved country.

Online MSI Student Ishya Safwani

Ishya Safwani is another cute and intelligent member from Oman. She has sent her photo through our contact form. Ishya is doing Master of Science in Information Technology (MSI). She tells that she is really enjoying her online studies. This Omani girl more tells that if you are interested in studying information technology but your financial condition is such that you can’t afford to take admission at top colleges and universities, then you need to find an affordable online university that runs information technology programs. With so many online universities in the fray right now, you will face no problem in finding an online university that is willing to give you admission without charging too much in the form of tuition fee.

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Interior Designer Fiazah Batul From Libya

This profile is of a Libyan Girl Fiazah Batul. Fiazah belongs to Tripoli city. She writes in her email that she has done specialization in interior designing. Fiazah is working with a famous Libyan company. Fiazah tells that there are a lot of opportunities for those in the interior design and decorating industry. An interior designer can go into designing household, corporate or commercial establishments. Others specialize in the design of health facilities or even tourism establishments.

She more describes that the latest trend now for those in the interior design industry is to be able to incorporate the right engineering and aesthetic design with sustainable development. Even designers are now more conscious about the state of the environment so they tend to use environmentally friendly materials for their designs. Professional interior designers who are formally trained usually have basic knowledge on architecture, engineering and even accounting. They need these courses to make their design aesthetic, structurally correct and cost effective. Well Faizah you’re the first Libyan girl who has joined us. We wish to see you again with some incredible knowledge.

Hot Indian Masala Girls

Indian college girls are very fast to adopt latest fashions from head to feet release anywhere in the world.

Women in India are less than half the nation, and Indian girls around the country are challenging on proving that they are second to none when it comes to hard working for the growth and uplift of their beloved India.

In India young generation is very attracted toward showbiz and Indian film industry. Especially girls are moving to Mumbai for their modeling trails and photo sessions, all wants to get selected in some TV ad or for some modeling show. Most of these girls are belongs to various colleges and universities of India. These educated girls are very fast in adopting latest fashions of all kinds, fashions from New York to France, this is the reason that fashion of mini skirts and high heal is very common now a days in India.

Typical Indian girls are very shy in nature and they don’t like to get free with strangers. But the modern girl living in big cities like Delhi, Bombay, Punjab etc are very bold and stylish, even they don’t feel any shy or hesitation to talk or walk with strangers. They are very conscious about their face beauty, dressing, makeup, hair style and walking style all the times. Due to fast media there begins a fashion race between Indian and Pakistani girls.

lady in orange

Graceful lady in orange dress

cute and sweet girl

Beautiful girl in black

Indian Girls In Dubai

If you are in Dubai and looking for some indian girls for friendship then you should contact Akshara and Anjali. These girls are currenty living in Dubai with their families and are regular readers of edesibabes.com. Akshara and Anjali have personally sent a lot of photos of their own for publish on edesibabes.com because these girls are also seeking for some sincere friends in Dubai.

Sheikhupura City Girls Picture

Pakistani Girls are very well known world wide for their beauty, attractiveness, simpleness, and politeness.

Intrenational beauti

beautiful girl

lahore cute girls

Girls playing holly

lahore cute girls

Beautiful girls enjoy the colour day

pakistani lahore cut girls

Girls enjoy the rain

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Paki collage girl In function SHow her sexy Body

Paki collage girl In function SHow her sexy Body

pakistani cute girls

Sexy girls enjoy the picnic

pakistani cute girls

All are enjoy the party

pakistani cute girls

three friends together in a collage.

Girls practicing for modeling show

Girls are busy in preparation for the annual function at the college. Amina, Javeria and Saima took part in the modeling segment. They told us that they are practicing hard to become the best performers of the show. These girls are happy that they got a chance to bring up their modeling talent. Beauty, style and a good figure are three traits to become a successful model, however beauty these days is not a big problem it can be obtained by good makeup. But as we see these three girls are beautiful and stylish and we wish them luck for the show and for their future.
Pakistan is most beautiful country. I love my country very much. There are too many beautiful places.

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Howrah Girl Madhu Working As An Accountant

Howrah Girl Madhu is working as an accountant in a Howarah steel industry. Howrah or Haora is an industrial city, a municipal corporation in the Howrah district, West Bengal, India. It is the headquarters of the district, and also the headquarters of Howrah Sadar subdivision of the district. Located on the west bank of the Hoogli River, it is a twin city of Kolkata.

Most of the people misinterpret the term accounting. Accounting is actually a study of collecting, monitoring and presenting financial data. Everywhere there is a need of accounting in similar or different forms. Although the use of mathematics is present in accounting, it is not considered as a branch of mathematics. Accounting is a domain of commerce or business.

Madhu says accounting some time seems a boring job due to burnout. However its a job that she loves. The job of accounting is not as simple as it appears. Simple faults are sufficient to ruin the career. Sometime these faults are done intentionally to make money and for company growth.

Now day’s there is a trend to outsource the accounting work in many companies in order to minimize the work load and increase the output. It is very risky to give all the important financial information to the outsourcing company and depends on it for balance sheet management, payroll management and other financial analysis. Howrah Girl Madhu is offered a job in such outsourcing company twice but for this she has to travel to Calcutta. But Madhu want to stay in her city Howrah so she is sticking with her current job.

Jawaria College Student From UK

Jawaria is an ex pat and studying in a UK college. Shy and sweet Jawaria is a student of economics. Jawaria talks less, she is shy but she is a real hardworking girl. Jawaria concentrate 100% on her education. Jawaria is receiving good grades due to that hard work.

Jawaria says there are reasons why I chose to study Economics when I first entered university. Because I enjoy the topic. That’s an absolute must to study economics. I wouldn’t suggest anyone study economics if they do not enjoy at least some of the topics involved. Like anything in life, you get out of studying economics what you put in.
Economics teaches students how to understand and spot secondary effects and possible unintended consequences. This may seem relatively unimportant, but it’s the most useful thing I’ve received from my economics training. Most economics problems have secondary effects – the deadweight loss from taxation is one such secondary effect. A government creates a tax to pay for some needed social program, but the secondary effect of that tax is that it changes people’s behavior, causing economic growth to slow.

Jawaria tells there are a lot of job opportunities for economics graduates. Because there are many opportunities for economics graduates. You are not guaranteed a good-paying job with an economics degree, but your chances are higher than in other programs. One of my interests as an undergraduate was philosophy, but I decided not to major in that because it seemed that the only possibility after completing my degree was law school – which did not appeal to me. With an economics degree you can work in a variety of different fields from finance and banking, public policy, sales and marketing, civil service (government departments, the Federal Reserve, etc.), insurance and actuarial work, etc. You can also go on to do further studies in economics, political science, business, or a variety of other fields.

Jawaria has aim to get enrolled in London School of Economics for postgraduate studies. We wish succsess Jawaria!

Prachi Desai Indian Film and TV Actress

Prachi Desai is an Indian film and TV actress. She is best known for her role as Bani Walia in the Hindi television drama Kasamh Se which aired on Zee TV. Prachi is the endorser, spokesperson, brand ambassador and the face of Neutrogena products in India.
Prachi was born in Gujarat, India. She studied in St Joseph Convent, Panchgani and completed her schooling till 9th grade in Surat. Then she went to Pune for higher studies. She studied in Pune in Sinhagad College. Her first film was Rock On! where she played the wife of Farhan Akhtar. Prachi had to leave her very successful role of “Bani” in Kasam Se to act in Rock On. Her next movie is Life Partner. She is currently working on Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, a film to be released in mid 2010. It stars Ajay Devgan, Emraan Hashmi and Kangana Ranaut.
Acting was her passion since childhood – her father and uncle had done various Gujarati plays – but she started with a short modeling workshop. She went to Pune for higher studies and had almost finished her junior college when her pictures were sent to Balaji Telefilms and she got a call for an audition for Kasamh Se. She had just turned 17 when her career began on Kasamh Se and left her studies for a while. She is now continuing with her correspondence course. She has also starred in her first movie Rock On!! Which was released on 29 August 2008 and Farhan Akhtar as her co-star.

Iraj Manzoor Famous Pakistani Model

With an extraordinary photogenic face and a body to die for, the dusky beauty from Karachi is currently a hot favorite of all the top fashion glossies and a must in all the good fashion shows. Her great walk and an hour glass figure allow her to transform and fit each designer’s personality. Iraj has a prestigious Head and Shoulders advertisement under her belt, where she was selected from a large number of hopefuls.
Streamlined five foot nine, she is one of the most sought-after models – in the business. Iraj is both well loved and well hated – in the modeling and fashion set. Those who don’t care much accuse her of being arrogant, difficult and snobbish. Those who do, say she’s sexy, sensuous and smart. And Iraj…..well, Iraj just likes to keep them all guessing.
When Iraj Manzoor saunters down the ramp no one looks bored. And neither does her. Iraj likes to get noticed; the appraisal is welcomed and almost demanded. She knows she has it. And expects everyone else to know it too.

Pakistani Girl in Churidar Pajama

The Churidar pajama suit is one of the favorite dresses among the young Pakistani girls. It is a traditional style dress worn commonly by the girls of the country. Churidar pajama suits can be worn with different types of shirts. They can look good with the straight shirts or with Desi style frocks. Nowadays girls make churidar pajama suits of lawn or cotton material cloth which gives a casual look.
Here is a picture of a girl wearing churidar pajama suit. Her dress is made of simple lawn material but looking very stylish. She is also wearing an elegant silver bracelet around her wrist.

Punjabi Girls and Extravagant Punjabi Marriage

Beautiful Punjabi girls enjoying dancing in Churidar Pajama dress. This picture is taken in by someone in wedding. Punjabis believe in doing everything larger than life and a special occasion like marriage is celebrated like a big carnival, exhibiting splendid glamor. Like, all other communities in India, Punjabis have their own series of rituals and ceremonies to perform.

Punjabi matrimony involves the usual girl made to meet the boy or vice versa. Like all other Indian matrimonial services, they prefer getting their children married in the same religion or caste.

The girl and the boy are made to meet each other in the usual arrange marriage kind of manner. After their mutual consent, the first ceremony is ‘Roka’ or ‘Thaka’, where the girl’s father accompanied with some relatives and friends visit the young man’s house along with some sweets and presents. Then a formal engagement ceremony ‘mangani’ is organized when the boy’s family returns the visit and in the presence of friends and relatives the intended marriage is announced.

After getting engaged, both the girl and the boy enjoy their courtship, the period when they get to know more about each other. And then, the preparations for the grand Punjabi wedding begin. Wedding begins with ‘Akhand Path’, which ends with a ceremony called ‘Sagan’. Then in the evening, the most awaited ‘Mehndi ki raat’ is celebrated. Popularly know as ‘Ladies Sangeet’, it is one of the most exciting rituals in Punjabi marriages.

Then the grand wedding day arrives, which begins with Chuda & Ghara Ghardoli: During the Chuda ceremony, the oldest maternal uncle and aunt have the most active role to perform. As Punjabis love eating, both Sikh and Hindu weddings are marked by more feasting. The concluding item is doli, literally “palanquin”, when the bride is given an emotional farewell by her family and friends.

Indian Women’s Clothing

Indian women clothing has been a fascination for not only Indians but worldwide. However, nowadays, it seems Indian woman is slowly distancing herself from the traditional Indian sarees and other Indian dresses. With due respect to all western and other clothes adopted by the women in India, it seems that she has certain misconceptions about the dresses of her own country. This article brings out the reality behind these fashion myths about Indian clothing.

No 1: Saree is so unprofessional
It is true that it takes a little longer to drape a saree and it also requires more care and maintenance. However, sari can never be said unprofessional. If draped properly, saree brings an unparalleled grace to one’s personality. How else can you justify the charm of great personalities like Indira Gandhi, Gayatri Devi and more contemporary Sonia Gandhi? True, they are politicians and need to be seen as true Indian and so they can’t shed the traditional Indian clothing!

No 2: Salwar Kameez is not for modern women!

There you see a girl clad in salwar kameez and here you give her the tag ‘behen ji’. However, every girl secretly admires the fabulous churidars and patialas worn by their fellow beings. Fashion designers are doing more and more experiments with this fabulous attire of India. Models on ramps flaunt their designer salwar kameez.

No 3: Wearing skirts is non Indian!

Here people don’t accept the salwar kameez and there they say that skirts are against traditional values of India! But look at them carefully, don’t you find any resemblance between Indian skirts and lehenga? The long skirts are more like lehengas but with a little lesser diameter.

No 4: If you are slim, you’ll look good in any clothing!

This myth prevails all over the world and not only in India. Although being slim provides an advantage of looking good in most of the dresses but if you wear a saree without proper pleets and pallu setting, I swear, you’ll not like yourself in the mirror! Wear a blouse which is either too loose or too tight, and you finish off the whole charm of an elegant saree.

Beautiful Indian Salwar Kameez Girls Pictures Gallery

Here is collection of Beautiful Indian Salwar Kameez Girls Pictures. These all pictures are collected from Internet for DesiGirlsClub readers.

Beautiful Indian Salwar Kameez Girls Pictures Gallery

Here is collection of Beautiful Indian Salwar Kameez Girls Pictures. These all pictures are collected from Internet for DesiGirlsClub readers.

Pakistan Television Actress Sara Chaudhry

Sarah Choudhry is a pretty Pakistani TV star. She started off her career with modeling at the age of sixteen, after passing her 10th grade. In the absence of training institutes, youngsters have to face a lot of problems in the field. But she was confident to carry on. She was nominated for best Pakistani actress for tele serial “Malangi”.

Famous Pakistani fashion model and actress Sara Choudhry has a very innocent face in fashion industry of Pakistan. Except modeling Sara has worked so far in many commercials and plays. She started her career as a model and now she also does acting on TV and comparing, and apart from these full time occupations, she is also studying for her first year Inter. That’s right! This young lady, who might be one of your favorite TV screen idols, who has reached these heights of stardom has hardly grown out of her teens and has just started her college education. She was fiancĂ©e of sami khan, a very talented versatile Pakistani actor but now they have broken off. This resulted in her high fan following.

Drama Serials

Tum kahan Hum kahan (Geo Tv)
Tareekiyan (Ary Tv)
Woh Ishq (Ary Tv)
Woh Rishtey Woh Natey (Geo Tv)
Teri Ik Nazar (Geo Tv)
Dil Diya Dehleez (Hum Tv)

Aysha Business Administration Student from Karachi

Yet another photo of beautiful Karachi girl Aysha that she send for getting more attention to herself from in or outside the Pakistan.

Glamorous Aysha share this picture after hopeful response from DesiGirlsClub readers. She is as she mentioned earlier in her introduction post that she is student of business administration in University (Business administration includes a great deal of problem solving and number crunching as well, so, proficiency for math is always an asset. Many colleges offer Master, Bachelor and Associate Degree in Business with a general knowledge base and the ability to specialize in a particular area of your choice. Such programs encourage students to think about a wide range of issues – from politics to ethics, sensitivity, innovativeness, creativity and other dynamics. A degree in business administration will therefore help you develop and master these skills and abilities. You can then decide which areas of specialization would most interest you and apply the strategies and theory you have learned to your field of choice. Business administration equips you to enter a wide variety of careers with a degree that is recognized and valued by companies the world over) and she aim to be the model. First of all we welcome Aysha to Desi Girls Club again. We hope our readers also welcome you and share their IDs for friendship.

NRI Kshirin Studying in University of Alberta Canada

If you are planning on moving to Canada, from India, Pakistan or the Middle East or wherever you live now, thinking that your life is going to be like what you see in foreign magazines or English movies . . . wake up . . . you are dreaming!!

I live in a relatively mixed neighborhood Indians, Canadians, Philippino’s and Pakistanis. I have met many Indians who have moved both from India and from other countries, especially the Middle East. One thing in common with nearly everybody you meet? Their opinion of having moved to Canada quickly becomes apparent. Conversations normally begin with, ‘So, have you found a job yet?’, or, ‘Are you still living in a basement?’

I am also migrated from India and after long sacrifice able to enjoy the dream life. Any how let tell you who I am, I’m Kshirin a graduate from University of Alberta Canada. I am Indian and permanently belong to Chandigarh, India missing my friends from India that’s why I am seeking to make some friends. I am regular reader of Desi Girls Club from 03 months. If anybody wana information about Canadian universities, immigration etc please contact me any time. I will be very happy to guide / help my Desi friends.